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White Pass & Yukon Route: the Bennett - Carcross Line
(Northbound Photo Album)

by Murray Lundberg

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WP&YR MP 40.3
MP 40.3 -

Looking north along the Bennett bypass in October 1997.

WP&YR - a panorama looking north across the Bennett Station area on August 7, 2003
MP 40.5 -

A panorama looking north across the Bennett Station area on August 7, 2003.

WP&YR MP 40.6
MP 40.6 -

Bennett Station in late May 1998.

WP&YR - Bennett Staion, 1998
MP 40.6 -

Looking north from Bennett Station in late May 1998.

ca. MP 42 -

Lake Bennett was just about to reclaim some land from the WP&YR in May 1998.

With the exception of two short stretches, the speed limit for trains on the line between Bennett and Carcross is 25 mph.

WP&YR ca. MP 43.1
ca. MP 43.1 -

Just south of Guard Rail Curve is this mount for a cannon formerly used to trigger avalanches. Guard Rail Curve is tight enough that the speed limit for trains between Mile 43.0 and 43.4 (as of 2004) is 10 mph - in 1970 it was 5 mph.

MP 45 -

The substantial remains of the power plant for the Silver King Mine are located right beside the tracks. The mine, which operated until World War I, was about 4,000 feet above the rail line.

WP&YR Pennington Station
ca. MP 51.0 -

Approaching Pennington Station in May 1998. The speed limit for trains near Pennington is 10 mph.

WP&YR Pennington Station
MP 51.6 -

Pennington Station in May 1998. As I approached (on foot), there were 2 caribou standing on the tracks in front of the station, but I wasn't quick enough with my camera to capture them on film.

WP&YR - log cabin at Pennington Station
MP 51.7 -

Log cabin just north of Pennington Station, in May 1998.

WP&YR - Milepost 52.6
MP 52.6 -

Looking north from the British Columbia - Yukon border in August 2001. On the island to the left is this pair of graves from 1898.

WP&YR - Milepost 53
MP 53

MP 54

WP&YR - MP 55
MP 55

Below - From the gravel pit spur at MP 55.6, the views north and east.

Below - Bridge 55A on August 16, 2002. Steel beams are laying beside the tracks for replacement of this wooden crossing. The unnamed creek drains a large area to the south of Mt. Dean, seen on the left of the right-hand photo above.

WP&YR MP 56.8
MP 56.8

WP&YR Mile 57
MP 57 -

Across Lake Bennett can be seen the broad Wheaton Valley, a historic mining area, and the sand dunes at the mouth of the Wheaton River. Directly ahead is Mount Gray, 6,083 feet high.

Below - Bridge 57A on August 16, 2001. This steel span was installed in 2001 to replace a wooden span crossing Dundalk Creek.
WP&YR Bridge 57A WP&YR Bridge 57A

WP&YR at MP 58.2
ca. MP 58.2 -

The purpose of this little cabin isn't known. Although derelict now, it was equipped with a bed and stove many years ago. Finger Mountain, the south end of the mouth the West Arm of Lake Bennett, is directly across the lake (out of sight to the left).

WP&YR at MP 59
MP 59

Below - MP 59.6, Watson siding. This siding, at 1,656 feet, is the longest along Lake Bennett. The former telephone booth in the right-hand picture is now empty (August 1, 2001).
WP&YR at Watson WP&YR at Watson

MP 60

MP 61

MP 62

Below - MP 62.8, MacDonald Creek (Bridge 62A). In the grove of trees in the center of the left-hand photo is a large steam-and-hydraulic power plant, built in 1911 to supply electricity to mining operations on Montana Mountain.
WP&YR at Watson WP&YR at Watson

MP 63

MP 64

MP 65 -

Caribou Mountain can be seen in the distance.

MP 65.3 -

In July 2001, re-alignment at this point reduced a very sharp curve. Whether intended or not, a particularly good viewpoint for railfans was also created on the right-hand side (a beautiful curving sandy beach is the background).

MP 67

WP&YR - Carcross Bridge
MP 67.2 -

Rebuilding the Carcross Bridge (#67A) in August 1998. Wooden pilings were replaced with steel, new decking was installed, and the supports and pilings for the old swing span were removed.

MP 67.4 -

Entering Carcross.