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To Carcross-Skagway Inaugural Run, 2007

Upon reaching Skagway, we were given an hour and a half to see the town, and then were taken by bus to Jewell Gardens for a very special evening. They have a gourmet chef this year, and we had a superb dinner of herbed halibut on a bed of mashed garlic potatoes. Also new this year is a glassblowing studio, and we were treated to a demonstration of that art form. Patrick Rouble, the MLA for the Carcross area, was invited to work with the artist to blow a gorgeous ball that will be sent to him when it cools - the photo shows an early stage of that process.

This photograph is © 2007 by Murray Lundberg, and is not to be copied without express permission.
Glass blowing at Jewell Gardens in Skagway